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It has been three centuries since the history of the first   state choral capella of Russia is

Closely connected to the city on the Neva River. In this very place traditions of Russian

professional musical culture were conceived and formulated. It was the St.-Petersburg

Capella, which performed the first Russian operas and ballets, the specialized musical

school, classes of church choir conductors, the first Russian orchestra and the first
Philharmonic Society. Such  masterpieces of the world classical music as the  Requiem of Mozart, the  Oratorios of Haydn,
the Missa Solemnis of Beethoven and many other sounded here first time in Russia, performed by the Pevcheskaya Capella,

Artistic aspect of the Capella of the 18th century was defined by such remarkable

musicians as Poltoratsky,  Berezovsky, Bortnyansky. In the second part of the 18th  century

famous Italian composers Galuppy, Sarty , Paiziello, Civarosa were working here. In the

19th century the elevated traditions were continued by Lvov (the director of Capella 

since 1836 till 1861), Glinka (he had been the main conductor of the choir for several years),

choirmaster Lomakin, Balakirev and Rimsky-Korsakov.

In 2003 the State Academic Capella, being the same age as our city, celebrated its 300-year


Today The State Academic Capella of St- Petersburg is one of the biggest concert

Organizations. It includes the choir, the Symphonic Orchestra, an 800 seat concert hall

with ideal acoustics  and  an  ancient organ.      


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